Christian Education Ministry

is focused on the lifelong challenges of faithfulness, productivity, service and accountability in Jesus Christ. Unity Baptist Church’s Christian Education Department seeks to serve the Lord and each member of the congregation by offering an educational program that promotes a spirit of excellence. 

We Teach:

• The Word of God so that unbelievers may enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ; 

• To be deliberate in equipping and nurturing God's people (believers) with necessary resources needed to develop a faithful and growing relationship with God and;

• To be intentional in our efforts to meet the educational and human resource needs of the Church and the community. 

Below is a list of the various programs here at Unity Baptist church: Christian Enrichment (Sunday School), New Members Enrichment: Firm Foundation, Family Enrichment Hour, Master Life Enrichment: Wednesday Night Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, Refuge: Wednesday Night Youth Church, Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, New Members Intake, Marriage Enrichment, and Financial Peace


    Share the Word of God in a manner in which enables women to develop a loving, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Develop Christian women of character with unwavering faith that will leave and share their beliefs with other women alike. Supply women with the necessary spiritual and emotional tools to love, nurture, and empower their families and friends, to understand their value, and to maximize their potential. Provide women with relevant information on topics that specifically affect the lives of women. Encourage Christian fellowship with women of all ages, socioeconomic groups and professions. 


    We believe that God’s Word is infallible and the standard by which we are called to live. The gospel calls for us to teach, live, and spread the Word of God! The mission of the Sunday School Ministry is to teach the holy Word of God to the people of God, who, as a result, become disciples of God. 


    Changing the lives of men, by men, and with men through sound Biblical teaching, mentoring, and meaningful fellowship. Through God’s faith and grace, our ministry develops Godly men of character and integrity, and transforms men into faithful disciples of Christ that lead and their families, serve their church, influence their communities, impact the world, and make God known to the next generation. 

  • THE Y.O.U

    Effectively minister the Word of God to youth through preaching and teaching that equips the Y.O.U for worship, discipleship, service, outreach, and fellowship, - Develop the Y.O.U in terms of maximizing their potential -  Energize them into obedient faith and action - Empower them to do service and exercise leadership in the church - Prepare them for the future - Equip them for the work of the ministry, and Teaches them to depend totally on God and His Word, not our human wisdom and reason, in all circumstances. 

  • Music Ministry

    gives glory and honor to our Sovereign God, and brings a sacrifice of worship and praise into His House through song and instruments. By the aid of the Holy Spirit, it is our ministry’s awesome task to help set the tone for worship and praise, and impart the knowledge of God’s Word to His people through our music.

  • The Ushers at Unity Baptist Church

    greet and welcome visitors and members, assist the pastor, and do whatever is necessary to maintain order and decorum through out the sanctuary during worship services. Under the leadership of Sister Trebia Parham is to develop a ministry that provides an efficient team of dedicated ushers. We are forerunners – we prepare the church for the members and guests by receiving the orders of the day from the pastor, seeing that church is in proper condition to receive guests, and distributing the required worship service items to the congregation as needed. To God be the glory!!