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What We Believe

The main objective of the Unity Baptist Church is to give glory to our Sovereign God by each one reaching one by telling the truth on Jesus. This mandate is being fulfilled in everything that the church sets forth. We are responsible for the praise and bowing to the Power of God as we follow His mandate laid out in the Holy Writ. We share the belief that God is Sovereign and the purpose for our lives shall come to pass because every believer is firmly rooted in the Word of God and understand the source of success and they will give all praises to God. Through an example of excellence in ministry, this church will inspire others to achieve the same excellence in every area of their lives, ministry, and careers.

Through teaching the Biblical Principles of success with the emphasis on specific areas of life, we will enrich the lives of the believers to maximize every area of their lives and fulfill their potential. With the Unity Baptist Church being full of born again and spirit lead believers, we are led to place emphasis on building men and women to have a God-consciousness that they function as husbands and wives, and parents in a manner that glorifies God and impact this present generation.

The fruit of this ministry should be that the Word will transform lives victoriously and the message of Grace will be heard around the world. Ministers of the Gospel are to be trained to pursue their calling with excellence, integrity, and ethics beyond question. As Ministers are trained and equipped, the Unity Baptist Church will both send them forth to build churches and to plant mission churches of like precious faith.

Brothers that have been moved because of the military will be equipped for the work on foreign soil as well. God has given Elder Richard S. Lewis, Jr. this special task of building this distinct ministry across this nation and world. The people of God will be taught and given examples of holiness, character and integrity.